Run – 2018 July 15

I’ve been happy with my weekend runs. I’ve been able to maintain a pace below 5:00 fairly regularly since switching to forefoot running, and I’m feeling good about ramping up ahead of running a marathon for the first time in September.
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Brass Against the Machine

Brass Against the Machine puts out stellar covers, primarily of Rage Against the Machine songs.

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Run – 2018 June 16 & 17

I enjoyed two runs through great weather this weekend, heading in opposite directions from my home. Saturday’s run took me past a beautiful piece of art on the side of an apartment building I hadn’t noticed before. Today my focus was again on building forefoot habits, and I was able to lock in the pace below 5 minutes.

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5th Evolution

5th Evolution Super Hero
Dungeons & Dragons 5E is my favourite tabletop RPG, and I’m lucky enough to play it a few times a month. It’s an accessible system that has been great for introducing new players to role playing. I sometimes want to break from using the fantasy settings that the game is built for but learning and teaching a new system is a big obstacle.

5th Evolution: New Genres for Your 5E Game! is kickstarting right now and promises to deliver horror, super hero and alternative WWII settings for D&D 5E. Each of the three books will introduce the setting, provide adventures and give the new rules needed to use the core D&D rules with the new content. I’m looking forward to trying these and mashing up some genres.

This project is made up of three separate graphic novel-sized softcover books in three different genres: WW2, Super Heroes, and 80’s Horror. Each book contains three parts:

Part 1: the comic. Each 5Evo book opens with a comic that GMs will share digitally with their players prior to the gaming session. These comics serve to introduce the genre and setting, as well as to get players invested in the coming adventure.
Part 2: the adventure. The second section of each 5Evo book is a one-shot adventure, complete with pregenerated characters, that picks up where the comic left off.
Part 3: the source guide. Finally, the third section of each 5Evo book is a source guide that gives the GM the monsters, equipment, and characters to create their own adventures in that particular genre.

World War II – Set in North Africa in 1942, you’ll crew an M5A1 Stuart tank on a special mission during Operation Torch. This book contains the adversaries, equipment, characters, and vehicles to run a WW2 North Africa campaign with or without supernatural elements.

Super Heroes – Set in Cobalt City in the present day, you are part of a team of the super heroes trying to stop a gang of super villains wreaking havoc downtown. This book contains the super villains, equipment, and player archetypes to run a supers campaign.

80s Horror Films – Set in the small town of Woodhaven in 1985, you and your friends get in over your heads and uncover a dark plot while seeking a party. This book contains the monsters, equipment, and teen hero archetypes needed to run a horror campaign set in the 1980s.

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Run – 2018 May 27

I enjoyed a run from my home to the waterfront this morning. I have been trying to build the habit of forefoot running this week and I’m very happy with the results. I was able to run 5 km with a pace reliably at 5:00 or lower, my best results this year. I know that when I have run the best in the past I have been using the technique, but I haven’t made it my default before now. It feels good to make some progress with my pace for the first time in a while.

During my run I passed the volunteer statues at the Halifax waterfront. I went back to snap a photo of them after getting some vegetables at the market.

Halifax Waterfront

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