Marikina Breakfast

I’m enjoying my first breakfast since arriving back in Manila. Pan de sal and coco jam are wonderful. I’m never sold on instant coffee, but the mug is great (wall).

Oddities in Guangzhou

The wait in Guangzhou has been enjoyable. We spotted a ferny wall, a festive astronaut,and a weird robot before settling in for food. What could be better than mountain wild rice noodles with fungus + cola.

Waiting for a Flight

Tonet and I are waiting in Halifax for our flight to Toronto. Then we’ll be off to Guangzhou Baiyun and then Manilla. I’m excited for the journey.

Run – 2018 September 8

This morning it was just a week until I run a marathon, so I went out for a long run again. Next week will demand a push, but I’m getting accustomed to the kind of endurance it will take.

I ended my run at the Central Library and then enjoyed seeing some flowers at the Public Gardens. This time of year is when the Gardens are most exciting.

Weekend Runs – 2018 September 1 & 2

It has been a great weekend for running. The forerunner cool ahead of Autumn arrived with September, so heating from the run hasn’t been as pronounced.

Saturday I was able to have a faster run and today I ran out the Chain of Lakes Trail and on to the Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea Trail. The latter trail is beautiful and I would like to do a longer run out it soon.

Sunday 20K

I ran 20km from my home in Halifax, across the bridge, through Dartmouth and out to Eastern Passage this morning. It was my longest run in nearly 2 years and I was happy with it even though my pace was higher than I am used to. I plan to take longer runs like this to prepare for the marathon I’ll be running in September.

It was nice to go past some unusual sights for this run, including the odd pig on a bench in the photo on this post.