The Mind Museum

Yesterday we visited The Mind Museum in Taguig City. It’s a really wonderful science-focused exprience that might be such a feast for the senses that some of the science can be overlooked, but it really is excellently produced. There is a lot to absorb, and it’s definitely worth visiting.

Marikina Oddities

We’re staying in the city of Marikina, and it’s full of so many sights. Christmas lights, junk art Predator, statues, and weird Jolibee dance moves were ones I was able to snap photos of, but there is so much more to see here.

Crystal Flights

For my flights earlier this week, I decided to play through Pok√©mon Crystal again. I enjoyed revisiting Kanto in Let’s Go Eevee, so I wanted to experience Johto again too.

On the short flight to Toronto I was able to only make it to completing the first gym because I was slowed by Chikorita’s type disadvantage.

I had a much longer flight from Toronto to Guangzhou, and was able to capture 2 more badges between sleeping periods. I enjoyed slowly shaping a team and exploring the region.

My final flight from Guangzhou to Manilla gave me enough time to get one more badges and be close to the mid point of Johto. I’ll have a couple flights in the Philippines coming up after Christmas, and then my flights home, so I expect I’ll finish the main part of the game by the time I return home.

The 3DS is still a great system to travel with and I’ve enjoyed the smaller, simpler experience this game offers as a virtual console game. It’s remarkable how much story and life was able to be created with the limited Game Boy Color hardware; I’ve been more engaged than I expected to be.

Marikina Breakfast

I’m enjoying my first breakfast since arriving back in Manila. Pan de sal and coco jam are wonderful. I’m never sold on instant coffee, but the mug is great (wall).

Oddities in Guangzhou

The wait in Guangzhou has been enjoyable. We spotted a ferny wall, a festive astronaut,and a weird robot before settling in for food. What could be better than mountain wild rice noodles with fungus + cola.

Waiting for a Flight

Tonet and I are waiting in Halifax for our flight to Toronto. Then we’ll be off to Guangzhou Baiyun and then Manilla. I’m excited for the journey.

Run – 2018 September 8

This morning it was just a week until I run a marathon, so I went out for a long run again. Next week will demand a push, but I’m getting accustomed to the kind of endurance it will take.

I ended my run at the Central Library and then enjoyed seeing some flowers at the Public Gardens. This time of year is when the Gardens are most exciting.