Poems [2000]


I never thought I’d be here

With more or is it less

Choice than ever I’ve had

Puzzlin’ to be free

Yet I’ve never been more confined

Seems like too much after

So few paths before were lit

Well, I guess change is good

Yeah, maybe

But it’s only me and little more

Am I too soon or late

These lies and overt greed

Have fled from my mind

What of others?

Can’t they see?

I pity them and me


Darkness Flows(Moon’s Tears)

Darkness flows now to embrace

Highlighted by moon’s tears tonight

While fraud cloaked fools

Their fears do chase

Within their binding prison, Light

They still fear shadow and they worship hate

To the pains of others ‘o

They’ll not relate

And they still fear shadow

And wrongly hate

They’ll not release, no

Truth’s chained flood gate


Knotted Thread

To be doubted, to be feared

To know the truth, to be seen blind

I’m ever distant, from your thoughts I’m cleared

Yet I hover beside you, float behind

It seems to me that distance grows

So your mind can forsake emotion

And your heart beats ever slow

As you cut the ties, end devotion

I can’t see much now

And this heat behind my eyes

Is as heavy as my core, don’t know how

It can ever fade, faith flies

This cord you’d sever was ever thick

“Dimond links in the soul-air,” you said

And time has weaved, confused, tricked

And it’s nothing more than knotted thread



On these steps I sit in silence

With the past beside me as she

Dances, weaves and brings remembrance

That once here, I didn’t know it

But I was free

Memories can be just reflections

Of what the winds one day will bring

Simple pains we all forget

Far from eternal infections

Yet joys of no complexity

When lost, to our souls still cling

The statue before me is still there

Though unimportant without

The winged one it once hid with me

Now seems unflawed,

Broken and fair

Upon those stones never could the two be

Yes, joys bring pain when they’re not here


Reflective Ghosts

Pleasantly haunted by the memories

Of those moments I did not recognize

As reflections of what is between

These drifting, flowing souls

The song and memory keep me in peace

Despite the falling leaves, the rising pain

And the rain-tears did release

They cleansed, brought resolve

Darkened Truth

This slight sanctuary’s all I have

For now while I am empty

To keep sanity within sight

And sorrow’s teeth from my throat

In time all will return to me

Filled with it all again, maybe

At least for a time, a moment

So I sit, I wait, I live


Sky Tears

The clouds hang over

Drop their tears on us

Standing here in the grey

Is all I seem able to do

And the droplets collect

And pool beneath my feet

The clouds tear apart

Wrench free, return

And the rain still falls

Lightning whitens grey

Wind brings drops

Raging into my face

Deeply soaked

Still I stand

Water runs down my hair

Clouds depart, momentarily

And I partly mend

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