Poems [2001]

And Leave Glass

I’ll always be here for you

My soul with yours in weave

Though we are apart now

A part of me is with you always

Through the threads draw from me

Anything you ever need

Take all of me or nothing

Whatever you desire

I’ll drive away the nightmares

Just ask and it is done

I’ll love you forever

If you only want me to

I’ll keep you warm

I’ll cool you if you need

I’ll be everything I can for you

Anything you ask of me

From sand to glass I’ll change

If you want me not to drift

And if you ask for nothing

I’ll grant your hidden wishes

Forever I will hold you

As long as it makes you happy

For that is all I want now

To make you feel complete


Burn The Pain Away

I banished my pain long ago

Smoke lit in orange glow

Drifted away on your winds

Particle pain passing on

Let me breathe yours in now

I’ll burn away your poisons

I’ll ease your worries

Fill the void with love not fog

And I would drink your tears

Rivers of your darkest fears

I’d breathe the smoke away

From your twisting, swirling soul

Breathe your words to me

Of nightmares in your days

All your dread I’ll take with me

With last wind they’ll scatter

Standing in the lightest air

Free of all our dark cares

Glass-clear and pure

Our lasting love



Collected thoughts of you

Fall as leaves and droplets

In the wind and rain

All around me you are

Yet nowhere to be seen

The yearning in my heart

Tells me you are oh so near

But sight deceives me always

I feel you with me now

A silent whisper never heard

Lightning in my veins

Flowing with my heart beat

The strength and energy you lend

But you’re distant in all but soul

The thread tries to pull me closer

For now we can be and not be




For the first time

I lived without living

I dreamed my first dream

Of comforting love

Of having you in my arms

As close to happiness

As I’ll be until I hear you

Until I really hold you

Close in my arms

Until that blanket is around us

And the fire radiates heat

Mirroring our love

And the stars we see together

Truly do rain silver upon us

Until the scent I smell is yours

And I really feel you there

Until we are together

I’ll weave that thread through my soul



Forever seems ahead of me

An endless longing wait

Until I’m blessed enough to see

Your beauty in the air at last

My thoughts, they drift to you

For nature itself seems sure

To bring my mind to visions

Rain brought me a river of you

I have no dreams of us

To warm me, as yours do you

But the empty-wholeness

Keeps me burning always

Forever stretches forward

Keeping us apart still

But forever is nothing

If it yeilds your love



What if I was there?

If I could see you through the air and not wires?

To feel you not only with my soul

To taste just who you are inside

If it feels this real from so far

How can I help but be amazed?

For if it’s true, I’ve found prefection

If it’s true, in you I have

All I’ve ever longed for

If you really love me,

You’re all I’ll ever need

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