Poems [2002]

Lightning Soul

Never-ending cycles of this outer longing

Circling around, shielding and blinding

Without your words there’s silence

With mine there’s only vacuum

Torrents of sparking blues and blacks

Binding in their cyclonic dance

Pulling me out to stand in place

Heels planted, heart in flight

Diamond chain encircling the air

One end to my heart, one to your hand

Pull and you’ll have me always

Let go and I’ll spin, burst away

Nurtured by the sight of you

Strengthened by your words

Suffocated by your absence

Heartened with every return

The beating of hearts builds

Though it’s too far to hear, loud

Stopping all in the midst of drifting

Bringing still to lightning soul



Stepping sideways from the trap

Seeing wind as the roadway it is

Knowing heart and soul are akin

To a bird a-flight, aloft on the road

Blackest wings, signs of perseverance

Of braving the hottest, whitest flames

Hearts ablaze with love sear bright

Within their feathered cloaks of ashes

To wing, lifting from the grey prison

Following only twisting wind paths

Lit by moon, leading to the echoes

Of the wings and beat of another

Searing cold white on the winds

Seek to cool the warmth of black

Hindering the journey of hope

Never dropping it from its path

Landing on budded branch at last

Weary, but filled with tides of diligence

Catching glimpse of shining love

Dropping sparks in the last breeze

Diving to the sacred captive below

Shedding at last all the dark sorrow

Melting away the shell of longing

Bursting nova with the heat of two



So few words to ever escape

So very much to always feel

Pronouncements in restless cycle

Lingering, treasured moments

What can’t be expressed with ease

Is still felt just as strongly

Muted voices sing ever passionately

Heard or not, their meaning cures

Comfort from the arms not there

Is offered freely none the less

The tears from red-cut eyes

Fall with gravity seen or unseen

Empathy works from distance

Wishing and willing healing love

To mend the wounds and fatigue

Of a soul distant and tied in thread



Are you still out there

Listening to the silence?

Can you hear my thoughts

carried on the wind of years?

I offered words in the heat

As my mind clouded with doubt

It seemed you gave some comfort

If not the answers right away

Have you led me down these paths

To the happiness I know if there

Or are you just watching me

Somewhere beyond the winds and rain?

Did you follow on the streets

As I’ve tried to find a new home

Or are you in old circles there

Where I learned to live with my self?

Are you waiting here with me still

Like it seems you did always before

Present in the cold, warming stone?

Misshapen comfort, physical memory.


Peace Scream

For the false king must topple and break

The blood of innocents can not be burned

Death is no cure for the corruption of

The bloodied and shameful blade

For the weilder is a throng of hatred

Growing more fearful with each fallen drop

Opposition must come from the compassionate

We must not have our actions be violent.

But our voices and messages must explode

With violence and clarity unmatched

Our apathy and greed must fade quickly

For the echos of truth, love and forgiveness

Must crash upon every blinded heart

If peace is to take root against the flood

Of lies and anger, greed, fear and death

Hope is but a whisper in this storm

We must make it a burning SCREAM

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