[Q + A] June 2, 2003

[Q + A]

Q+A [June03]

first bike: a blue one I got when I finished school in grade primary

first best friend: Josh Dempsey, a kid I lost contact with back in grade 5 or 6.

first real memory of something: I have lots of “story” memories that I remember because my parents and other relatives repeated them so many times.

first car: n/a

first date: Grade 11 prom.

first kiss: Sometime during that same year

first break-up: The end of grade 12

first job: other than random odd jobs, it was grounds keeping.

first screen name: I have no clue.

first self purchased album: Collective Soul’s self titled CD

first concert: I went to many with my parents, but seeing Collective Soul was my first one of choice.

first funeral: my grandmother’s

first pet: Fribble the hamster

first prime minister (or president) you voted for: n/a since there hasn’t been an election since I turned 18

first piercing/tattoo: n/a

first independent home: um… does my apartment count?

first house/flat/apartment: I lived with my folks in this house for 18 years before going to Halifax.

first credit card: a Credit Union Master Card

first independent holiday: um… what?

first love: Ashley

first enemy: The kids that beat me up and made fun of me in elementary were likely the closest thing to enemies

last good cry: tonight

last library book checked out: A textbook in 2002

last movie seen: X2 a few weeks ago

last book read: Charles de Lint’s Into the Green is the one I’m currently reading.

last cuss word uttered: “fuck”

last beverage drank: grape juice

last food consumed: a hamburger

last crush: Ashley

last phone call: Ashley

last tv show watched: I have no clue… possibly the IWK telethon

last time showered: I had a bath tonight, but it’s been a few days since I last showered

last shoes worn: my black airwalks

last cd played: a Matthew Sweet mixed CD

last item bought: Marilyn Manson’s Golden Age of Grotesque

last thing downloaded: a photo Alisha sent me

last annoyance: my sister

last soda drank: Big 8 grape soda

last thing written: Big 8 grape soda

last key used: A

last words spoken: “fuck”

last sleep: 12-9 last night

last im: one to Ashley

last weird encounter: hmm… I don’t recall any recent “weird” encounters

last ice cream eaten: an icecream bar this afternoon

last time amused: when Alisha did her “don’t make meh bust uh cayp in yer ass” thing not too long ago

last time in love: right now and for the past year and a half

last time hugged: I have no clue… possibly at that wedding I was at weeks ago

last lipstick used: I can honestly say I have never worn any

last shirt worn: a grey long-sleeved shirt

last time dancing: years ago

last webpage visited: Ashley’s journal

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