[Q + A] June 5, 2003

[Q + A]

Q+A [June03]

Bad habits you have:

01 – procrastination

02 – overuse of certain words

03 – forgetfulness

04 – chewing icecubes?

Things you wished you had:

01 – writing talent

02 – musical talent

03 – plenty of money (to travel and buy the land for my own country 😉 )

04 – a solar powered van

Scents you love:

01 – apple

02 – maple

03 – forests

04 – coffee beans

Things you never wear:

01 – suits

02 – ties

03 – bright clothes

04 – hats

Things done today:

01 – worked

02 – listened to the mixed CD Wanda sent me

03 – ate chicken, fries, salads and an orange for lunch

04 – had a bath

Things you last bought:

01 – Marilyn Manson’s Golden Age of Grotesque

02 – A minidisc player and minidiscs

03 – A chocolate bar

04 – A CD case

People/things you’d like to spend more time with:

01 – Ashley

02 – Sascha

03 – Wanda

04 – April

05 – Alisha (though we have not yet spent time together in person)

Things on your mind:

01 – This CD I’m making for Wanda is not burning properly :-/

02 – Rain is falling outside

03 – I miss Ashley

04 – The future

top five places of the moment…

1) My room

2) Parsboro

3) Georgia

4) Halifax

5) The Woods

top five bands of the moment…

1) Matthew Sweet

2) The Thorns

3) Buck 65

4) Poe

5) Collective Soul

Do Tell…

Your three best qualities: my compassion, loyalty and saviour-hood

Your three worst qualities: my physical appearance, my lack of career direction,

When you get embarrassed: I shrug it off and move on.

What makes you happy: Ashley, my friends, music and books.

What upsets you: the world and how incredibly fucked up it is, apathy and blindness.


Do you keep a diary: yes

Do you like to cook: sometimes

Do you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: nope

Do you fold your underwear: no

Do you talk in your sleep: not that I know of

Do you set your watch a few minutes ahead: no, always right on

Do you believe in love: absolutely

The Last…?

Movie you rented: Spider-Man, perhaps

Movie you bought: The Mothman Prophecies

Song you listened to: The Thorns – I Can’t Remember

Song that was stuck in your head: Matthew Sweet’s cover of “Cortez The Killer”

Song you’ve downloaded: I believe it was Marilyn Manson’s “Mobscene”

CD you bought: Marilyn Manson’s Golden Age of Grotesque

Person you’ve called: Ashley

Person you were thinking of: Ashley

100 Random Questions

1. Have you Been Kissed: yes

2. Done drugs: nothing other than caffene and alcohol, but the latter no longer.

3.Eaten a whole box of Oreos? not that I can recall

4. Eaten sushi? not yet

5. Been on stage: yep

8. Gotten in a car accident: nope

9. Cold or hot: cold

10. Blue or Red: blue

11. Rain or snow: rain

12. Smooth or Rough: smooth

13.Wool or cotton: cotton

14. Rose or daisy: rose

15. Private school or public school: public

16. Chocolate milk or plain milk: chocolate!

17. Pig or sheep: sheep

18. Spring or fall: fall

19. History or Science: history

20. Math or English: English

21. Alternative or Country: I like both(though only a couple artists for country), but alternative a lot more.


27. Who do you e-mail the most? I think it’s quite evenly spread out.

28. Who’s the loudest? I don’t know.

29. Who’s the shyest? I can’t really say.

30. Whose parents do you know the best? Um… I don’t know any of your parents well.

31. Who are you jealous of? Not really anyone

32. Who has the best room? Damnit, you all need to let me see your rooms so I can judge


01) Last dream: months ago I dreamed of Ashley

02) Last car ride: home from work with my aunt Lucy

03) Last kiss: December

04) Last person you kissed: Ashley

06) Last Missing Library Book: none

07) Last movie seen: X2

08) Last Book Read: Into The Green by Charles de Lint

09) Last Magazine Purchased: Realms of Fantasy

12) Last food purged: n/a

21) Last thing you threw away: a napkin

25) Last thing you touched: the keys

27) Last sleep: last night from 12ish to 6:30ish

29) Last person you emailed: an ebay buyer

30) Last person you spoke to in person: my dad

31) Last cd you popped in: The one I made for Wanda to make sure it works. It does.

32) Last song that made you cry: I have no idea

35) Last time you cried: Last week

36) Last time you smiled: Just now while listening to Poe’s “A Rose Is A Rose”

37) Last time hugged: um… quite a while ago… I need a hug, damnit!

42) Last thing you smelled: apple shampoo

45) Last worry you had: about what will be happening this fall

46) Last Final taken: um… I completely forget

47) Last time dancing: a loooong time ago

48) Last poster looked at: My Poe one.

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