Rambles . net

You should all check out Rambles . net. It a very cool online cultural arts magazine. It’s filled with tons of great reviews and other articles that I’m enjoying greatly. It’s definitely a great read, and even has it’s own LJ community, Rambles Webzine. Check it out!

THE FINE PRINT: Are you a Celtophile? Anglophile? Rambles is the place for reviews of Celtic and British albums and concerts, books and movies. Also, see why Rambles has become a vital resource for Atlantic Canada! • • • Of course, we have plenty of other material, too, including traditional and nontraditional sounds from such diverse geographies as the Native Americas, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, the African nations, Middle-East, Far East and the rest of the global music scene! If world cultures aren’t your thing, check out our comprehensive sections devoted to folk, blues, jazz, bluegrass and country music, speculative fiction, folklore and much, much more! • • • Read interviews with top musicians, artists and authors, plus concert reviews and general ramblings on a variety of topics in Folkways. • • • If you’re interested in getting your work reviewed or would like to become a Rambles reviewer, check under enquiries.

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