Q + A Musical Life

If My Life Was A Soundtrack:

*Opening Credits: Smashing Pumpkins – Disarm

*Waking-up Scene: Big Wreck – The Oaf

*Average-day scene: Rush – Half The World

*Best-friend scene: Our Lady Peace – Mafia

*First-date scene: Matthew Sweet – Girlfriend

*Falling-in-love scene: Buck 65 – Phil

*Love scene: Tom Cochrane – Dreamer’s Dream

*Fight-with-friend scene: Collective Soul – Persuasion

*Break-up scene: Swirl 360 – Okay

*Get-back-together scene: Zwan – Come With Me

*Life’s okay scene: Collective Soul – Perfect Day

*Heartbreak scene: Tori Amos – Taxi Ride

*Mental-breakdown scene: Our Lady Peace – In Repair

*Driving scene: Smashing Pumpkins – Crash Car Star

*Lesson-learning scene: Collective Soul – Precious Declaration

*Deep-thought scene: Live – Run To The Water

*Flashback scene: Tom Cochrane – No Regrets

*Party scene: Collective Soul – Gel

*Happy dance scene: Ashley MacIsaac – To America We Go

*Regret scene: Matthew Sweet – Walk Out

*Long-night-alone scene: Matthew Good Band – Strange Days

*Death scene: Tea Party – Paint It, Black

*Closing credits: Elastica – KB

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