[Q + A] June 18, 2002

[Q + A]

1. What is your name? Apollo

2. What do people think of you? I hope people think well of me.

3. What do you think of you? I think I’m a good person who always strives to become better and to help others.

4. What do you think of people? The people who I choose to include in my life are wonderful. Many others are not.

5. Do you see a therapist? No.

6. Have you ever been in the psychiatric ward of a hospital? I have not.

7. Have you ever been in a mental hospital? Nope

8. Do you or have you ever had an eating disorder? No

9. Do a lot of people tell you you need “help”? I can’t remember a single one.

10. Are you a creative, artsy person? I do like to think so.

11. Are you a vegetarian? Nope

12. Have you seen the movie Girl, Interrupted? If so, do you like it? I have not yet seen it.

13. What do you have a phobia of and it is bad? What happens when you are

confronted with this fear? I have no phobias that I know of.

14. Have you ever cut yourself? Only accidentally.

15. Have you attempted suicide? No

16. Are you sick of answering personal questions? Nah

17. Have you ever had sex? Yes

18. Do people consider you promiscuous? Definitely not.

19. Have you ever been drunk? Not even once.

20. Are you an alcoholic? I think that after reading the above you might be able to guess.

21. Are you pregnant? Most certainly not.

22. Do you do any drugs? Which ones? Caffene via coffee is my only non-toothpaste drug.

23. Do you have goals for your future? Yes, I have a few.

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