Grania + Roth [III: Selmis]

Escape Waves(Sleep)

The rising of the waters

Distracts not from the escape

From a lonely past she runs

Onto sand, under dark skies

The long stretches of the beach

Given footprints in her wake

Became a page of word-pains

Paragraphs of her lost hope

Written on grains were her lies

Each shed through her slowing feet

Years of life left behind her

A parade of ghosts fading

Cast out from the many dead

She’d lived through cold loneliness

Trapped in white walls and crowded

Unknown or hunted, both hurt

At last she found dry drift wood

To which she fed great, bright sparks

Kindling flames to warm and light

To keep her from her sorrow

She sat beside the fire

Soaking up it’s heat inside

Allowing it to hold her

Because no one wanted to

The grey clouds above closed in

Blackening a sunset sky

Taking of the soft red light

Not touching that beside her

Waters moved in toward shore

Slowly moving walls around

A lowering mass above

Forming a crushing cocoon

The smoke rising fed the sky

A bled offering calling

Pulling the storm down to speak

To preach its dark destruction

Back to the flames her eyes turned

Always their dance was for her

A comfort in all her dreams

A friend to the friendless soul

Hypnosis and sleep filled her

Pulling her down to the sand

Heat and exhaustion covered

Blessing her with her lost sleep


Escape Waves(Flight)

Heat dies under a thin wave

Dream-prayers lost as the smoke

An offering far too sparse

To halt the ocean’s slow march

Mist from the clouds collect here

On her waking knot of clothes

As cold water moves beneath

Soaking her before she moves

Her eyes burst open to black

No light found them as she rose

Shaking with cold and sleep-numb

Barely standing on weak legs

A clouded mind stumbling on

Pushing her only away

Away from her lost control

Fleeing the cold and deep death

She reached the stones in moments

Unexpected and unsure

They met her back with solid pain

And the red flare faded black

Her mind held tight in the now

She quickly regained footing

And pushed against the strong rain

Against the flood from above

Aches resonated behind

Her back bruised, her lungs empty

Rain running down her pained face

Not recognized anywhere

Fears were screaming all around

Blindness and no directions

Cold and waves, rain and hurt

Running was all she could do

A boulder swept under her

Sending her hard into stone

Again she was hit with red

Her mind splintering inside

Fear drove her to tallest cliffs

Pinning her to them, hopeless

The sounds of tide approaching

Crippled her flight with great ease

With the death near she willed smoke

To carry her in its drift

To allow her an escape

Lift her soul to the hidden

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