Grania + Roth [V: After Dream]

After Dream

I awake to the grey numbness of day

Caged still in a room amid towers

Grey words echo false kings’ heated lies

To a world chained in both mind and body

Hope and Love cling beyond the dream

Fortifying my mind and will

With echos and visions of my love

And the need to protect us all

I am not the strongest nor the only

But maybe my mind’s the true key

I can’t forsake the world now

Not if she does need me to speak

After a lone night I know my path

Words encased in truth and amethist

Spill from my mind upon the white

Leaves collecting that collect insight

At this point my story is more true

Than those presented to the world

As the only facts left undenyable

For it has always been told

For the real can hold onto love

Through every breath and life

We discard our every hate

And fight back against the clouds

Not only have I seen a place

Sheltered from this terror-plague

But I live as proof we can survive

Immune to all the blinding fear

I step upon the old cracked stones

Clarity fusing black feathers

With the marrow of this scarecrow

Bleeding new myths with the truth

I’m carried forth by drums

Heartbeats drowning out the grey

Threads pulling closer

Until my head is filled with cries

I step under the deep trees

Let the green swallow clouds

As I move towards a messenger

To unlock what I know

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