Today at work was pond cleaning day. It really does take a full day to properly clean the fish pond. First I have to begin pumping water out. Then the fish must be caught and kept safely in clean water. The water and sludge must be carefully scooped away. Then the rocks and fountain pieces must be scrubbed free of green. The aquatic plants must be cut back and the new ones (pink and yellow lilies) must be prepared and placed in proper containers. Then I rearrange the pieces to create a pleasant to look environment for the fish that will also provide them with the best living conditions. Clean water is next added, followed by the fish.

I discovered that my fish reproduced. I now have 3 new albino coy to add to my 11 adult fish count. They were only a few inches long, and must have been among the 7 tiny fish I rescued last summer while cleaning. The unkillable fish are multiplying. Perhaps I’ll have 3 more foot-long albino coy to accompany their mother.

The new frog fountain has less pressure than I had hoped, but it sure looks nice among the other pond features.

My brown rabbit is getting braver, but it keeps to eating weeds, so we have a good working relationship.

6 days until Canada Day! I must do something special for the greatest holiday of the year. Perhaps some face paint photos to express my patriotism? A recounting of some of my favorite Canadian memories? A history lesson?

In just a couple weeks Ashley should be here. I’ve been looking forward to seeing her again for so long, so I guess the coming days will not be too difficult to deal with. It will be so wonderful to spend time together again.

I’ve been missing my pretty haired inspired disciple something fierce. Time online just isn’t the same without Alisha’s wit and her genuine wonderfulness. I hope her treatment is going well and that she will make real progress. I’ve certainly been worrying about her a lot. Good saviourly vibes, as always.

I’ve been thinking more on the zine idea, and I think I’ll make a test issue over the next few weeks to see how it would work. I’m sure I could come up with the content to fill it, I’ll just have to toy around with a proper name and a quality layout that would work both online and in print.

I miss having my friends draw pictures of me. Anyone want to do that? I’d love you and somehow try to repay you with my own limited talent.

I’ve really gotten into Morgawr the past couple nights. It’s a wonderful book, and by far the best in The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy.I might have to pick up Terry Brooks’ next book, Jarka Ruus in hardcover in August. It promises to be brilliant and have a great premise.

After that series I really hope Terry will return to Word / Void for some of his excellent urban fantasy.

The Marvelous 3 are brilliant. Their song “Katrina” makes me smile every time I hear it.

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