…I wasn’t invited to it anyway…

A day too unevenful and too tiring.

That sums up my day, sadly. I was able to talk with Ashley some this afternoon, and hearing her voice did brighten my day.

I’ve made a layout for the zine I hope to start soon. It can be found here. It’ll undergo some tweaking, but I think it will work well. Any opinions?

The world’s a strange and broken place. The more I learn of it the more daunting any attempt to heal it seems. Those of us possessed by true compassion seem to be dwindling. Perhaps it’s just a calm before the storm. Not as if there aren’t a million storms of disease, ignorance, greed and power already tearing down our communities. A counter-storm might be all we can hope and work for. A show of compassion to hold back the acid rain floods.

Dangerous times, and hopeful ones. It’s a strange balance that may very well define this generation. Will we be haunted by our ignorance and greed, or will we become enlightened? Time will tell, but I’ll die by my words and my conviction to live by truth and love.

I long for a true community free from corruption. I feel that is something vital for my cause, that I must somehow bring together those I can, those willing to aid in healing this world. Yes, there are other webs of compassion, but I know I have something vital to add.

I’ve been dreaming all day of the ocean and the caves it has carved. Also of the moon and her dance with the waters, her great beauty and strength of motion. A bed of green, green leaves under a white speckled sky is dancing on my closed eyes. The wind is calling of delights.

[Music: Marilyn Manson – (S)aint]

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