…I haven’t met a friend in a long, long while…

Work was ok. It’s been too hot and sunny though. I want lots and lots of rain to keep my lawn from browning up. Global warming is evil! And don’t dare say it isn’t happening, because every day is living proof. Man made or not, it’s a big problem.

I sent a package off to the lovely Alisha, my pretty haired inspired disciple this morning. I hope it will arrive for her soon, and that she willl enjoy it. I miss her a lot and I can’t wait until she can return.

Plans for September will soon need to be made, and I’ll need to find some sort of job. As long as I don’t hate it and it will net me enough to survive on and save some money up I’ll be good. Does anyone have a suggestion about what I should try?

Sam Roberts may now be my second favorite Canadian musical artist behind Buck 65. His new album is brilliant, and he has a song about socialism and the slow change of Canadian politics. Brilliant, I say. I must go see him live the first chance I have.

I’ve gotten behind on answering e-mails. I must make an effort to do that tomorrow night.

[Music: Sam Roberts – Where Have All The Good People Gone?]

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