…there is life on the sun…

My wonderful inspired disciple is back for the night! I can’t begin to say how much I’m missed her. A meaningful part of my days was definitely missing for those 22 days. I’m really hoping she can overcome all of this and be back for good soon.

I’ll have to try to pick up a calling card so that Ashley and I can call her together sometime during the next two weeks. Sadly, I wasn’t able to talk with Alisha when I last tried to call her.

I talked with Ashley’s mother for a little while tonight before letting the two mothers talk. Just 4 more days until Ashley will be arriving here in Nova Scotia. I’m looking forward to that more than words could say. It’s a shame it will only be two weeks of heaven. As the last week she was here taught me, it’s a very addictive and much-missed place to be.

It rained for most of the day, so I did not go to work. Instead I cleaned my room and the computer room some.

I’m really looking forward to Tara Slone’s new album. After listening to her work with Joydrop again today I could definitely use a dose of her music. It’s good to have connections and the prospect of hearing demos is great.

“For all we know, there is life on the sun”

And I leave you with a great quote from Matthew Good: “I live in a nation that has its problems. But at least the need to keep kicking everyone’s ass to cover up the fact that we’ve fucked others over isn’t one of them.”

[Music: Joydrop – Life On The Sun]

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