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Joydrop’s “Embrace” is a beautiful song. Tara’s new album can not come out soon enough!

Waves and clouds, it’s been a wet weekend. We needed the rain after such a hot and dry summer.

I spent more hours sorting and listing books today. All except some graphic novels, magazines and comics are done.

Blueberry raking, the worst week of the year, will likely be starting on the 14th. It’s definitely not something I’m looking forward to at all.

Tuesday will be my first chance to vote in a provincial election. It’s about time. I will be voting for the NDP candidate, Kathryn Belzer. There are many reasons for this. The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives have platforms which conflict with how I belive we should be governed in many areas. The right and center-left positions to support big business can not be tollerated, nor can their irresponsible actions in the past which have lead to poor education, transportation and health care trends. I will be voting NDP because I believe in what they stand for, and because they are the most likely to improve my life and the lives of others.

Kathryn Belzer was the only one of the 3 local candidates that actually came to my home and talked to me. She seemed like a great person, someone with the morals and knowledge to truly serve the people of my riding.

The other two candidates have very strong “backwards-Christian” issues in their platforms, such as keeping The Lord’s Prayer as part of the procedings for political meetings. I oppose that very strongly. Religion and politics should remain separate.

Please vote in the upcoming election, and become informed about the people you have to choose from. It’s your duty as a member of a democracy to do so.

[Music: The Tea Party – A Certain Slant of Light]

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