Unconscious Mutterings

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Only you:: can prevent forest fires
  2. 33:: x3 red balloons
  3. Foundation:: the root of a house
  4. Accidents:: happen
  5. Hometown:: Dean / Halifax
  6. Natural:: beautiful
  7. Bombastic:: an old dance song
  8. Bachelor:: A state that appeals little to me
  9. Far away:: my southern disciples
  10. Tony:: Danza

[Music: Alix Olson – Eve’s Mouth]

1 comment on “Unconscious Mutterings

  1. 1. the rain? (what the hell? 😉

    2. the ending to, “i am…” for me.

    3. no one can ___ me. (chock-full of optimism tonight. wee.)

    4. tomorrow ashley and i will be up…

    5. to not know the answer to a question (ie. “to be.” gettin' all creative here. 😉

    6. I need to remember them in more detail and write them down.

    7. Why can't people use “heh” and “ha” more often, like me?

    8. Christmas. Sad. Waxing poetic about colored lights in 2001.

    9. It hurts. We're moving my desk to see if that helps.

    10. Pianos kick more ass.

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