Wicked, Weird and Labouring

I saw the Buck 65 video for “Wicked and Weird” this morning. I must say that it’s a damn cool video. It has it all, from puppets to air streams, cars to gangsters and girls to Buck 65 himself. Both the video and song are excellent, and make me look forward to the album and its release party two weeks from Tuesday.

Welcome to September and Labour Day. 22 days until the official start of Fall, and I’m feeling quite enthusiastic about this season. A whole lot of change and excitement is on the way, I can feel it in my bones. Four days of work are left and then I will be returning to my cave. I’ll have a lot to do once I get there, but I simply can not wait.

I was just looking at my website’s hit stats, and in the past 2 days I’ve had visitors from Canada, USA, Japan, United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland, France, Brazil, and Estonia. Sadly, no one from Central America, Africa or the South Pacific have dropped by yet. Perhaps I should do something to make my messages more appealing to all the world?

Want to know more about Labour Day? You can check out this site.

“Labour Day is a special holiday set aside to honour workers and the contributions that they make to their jobs and to society.”

On that site I was able to read that Labour Day actually has its roots in Canada, where the first major labour marches in North America took place.

The Labor Movement; the folks who brought you the weekend.
– From a bumper sticker, 1995

You can also check out the International Labour Organization, which works to protect the rights of workers everywhere.

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