Projected Opinion

Once I finish my setup activities here at the apartment I hope to start on some new projects as I search for a job. One of those will hopefully be the “Great Album of the Week” (G.A.W. for short). I would focus on little-known or overlooked albums in my collecition. I know I have enough amazing albums to keep such a project going for at least 4 years. Of course I’ll alwas let you know about new albums when I first buy them, but this project will showcase albums I’ve been listening to for some time.

I may also start a similar weekly entry for books that I have greatly enjoyed. It would provide something other than my day-to-day life, though still being a personal statement.

I really want to push myself to writing more often, and also to write in different styles. I really need to focus more on my prose stories, and actually polish one up enough to share.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking my guitar to a music store to have it fitted with some strings, a strap and whatever else I feel it needs. It should be an interesting experience.

Goodnight, and may peace be with you.
[Music: Lenny Kravitz – Let’s Get High ]

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