Sunday Brunch – Crank It Up

1. What kind of music do you listen to most often?
I listen mostly to rock, but it’s such a diverse genre that I often have some widely different music playing in concert.
2. Do you sing outloud in front of people?
Generally not.
3. How big is your CD/music collection?
200+ CD’s plus my digital, vinyl and cassette collections.
4. When you are with your spouse or significant other, do you listen to what you like or what they like?
Ashley and I like the same music fairly often, so I generally like what we choose to listen to together, but I’m willing to compromise.
5. Do you like to listen to your favorite music loud?
Yes, of course. I really enjoy listening to my music loudly.

Taken from Sunday Brunch
[ Music: Eyes for Telescopes – My Words ]

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