Cemetery, Sidewalk and Storefront

I’ve just returned from a full day of hanging out. I haven’t done that in quite some time, and it was rather nice.

At one I departed for the bus stop, only to discover that in order to catch the 80 I would be standing at the bus stop for 28 minutes. I chose to walk along the route instead, because I had never walked in that area. I eventually came to the bus stop on Bayer’s Rd., called the bus schedule number, discovered the bus would be another 12 minutes, got something to drink at the drug store (as it was hot) and returned to find that I had missed the bus (though the schedule said I had 5 minutes to go). 30 minutes later I was on the bus and headed to Sunnyside Mall in Bedford.

I arrived and soon found Wanda at a newspaper stand. We walked around the mall and soon headed for downtown Halifax. There we looked around at Random Play for about an hour, and then stopped in at a few other places before getting to Subway.

There we met up with Bryn and his friend (whose name I can’t remember, other than it started with a T). We talked a while and then went to Timothy’s, a coffee place where we talked for some time.

Next we went to the cemetery (I was the originator of that idea), where we used Alexander Keith’s giant grave marker as a place to stand and talk. There’s no place I find more calming than a cemetery.

We walked around some more before Wanda and I caught a bus.

Now I’m home and listening to the CD I picked up at Random Play, The Five & Dime Show at the Marquee 2003. It’s a benefit CD for The Canadian Music Therapy Trust, a really worthy cause you should all check out. The CD features a lot of local acts from here on the east coast, including The Joel Plaskett Emergency, Madhat, The Trews, Eyes For Telescopes and Sloan.

Here’s a bit from the liners:

Music Therepy builds on the power of music to promote healing and change. For the person in pain, in isolation, for the one who lacks communication or who has been traumatized, music therepy can make the difference between frustration and fulfillment. The Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund is a bold non-profit initiative designed to integrate, educate, celebrate and promote all facets of Music Therepy in this country. Since 1996, with the help of the Canadian Music Industry, it has supported over 250 projects providing services for hundreds of men, women and children with special needs in hospitals, clinics and schools.
[ Music: Sloan – Helen ]

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  1. hi!

    found your site while looking for band info for the KeithsFest..were you lucky enough to win tix? a crew of us from PEI won some, we'll be rocking out over there this weekend!

    hope you got some tickets!

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