Thursday Q+A

1. What website really makes you jealous?
I can’t really think of any. Lots look better than mine, or have more interesting content, but I’m happy to do what I do.

2. How often do you tend to change layouts?
I’m always tweaking my layouts, but I do a complete overhaul every couple months

3. Do you sometimes wish you had better graphics skills?
Sure, I would love to be able to create some visual beauty.

Taken from Thursday Three.

1. If you could get the same pay for any job, would you change your profession?
Well, I’m currently searching for a job, but if I could make as much as I did over the summer for working at a book or music store I would take the job in a heartbeat.

2. You have a sudden, brilliant brainstorm at work. If you tell your boss, you’ll get a big promotion. Or you could quit and pursue the idea yourself, setting up what should be a nicely profitable company. Which would you? And would you be driven in the decision by risk, difficulty, loyalty, or what?
I would have to weigh the possibilities, difficulty and morality of the decision very carefully. I would not, for instance, give the idea to a business full of corruption.

3. Of all the movie characters you’ve ever seen, which one do you think was most like you? And is that a good thing?
I honestly can’t think of anyone quite like me.

Taken from Thursday Thumb-Twiddler

As autumn approaches in the northern hemisphere, and spring is just beginning in the southern hemisphere, take a look around you and show us what signifies the changing of the seasons to you.

The changing and falling of the leaves is definitely the main sign of changing seasons for me. Halifax lights the paths on fire with its tree-lined streets, and it’s really beautiful. More pleasant temperatures, more rain and increasing activity are all vital for Fall as well.

Taken from Theme Thursday
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