Duck-Gods, Danger-Bikes and Wigs

I spent another Monday hanging out with Wanda. I had a great time wandering around the malls, looking for music and the other fun we enjoyed.

I arrived early at the mall to meet Wanda so I decided I needed some ice cream. It was a choice I certainly didn’t forget the peach and raspberry ice cream in a waffle cone was some of the best stuff I’ve tasted in months.

At 2 I walked to the Tim Horton’s and met Wanda as she was coming in the door. We walked around a bit and then caught the bus for downtown.

At Random Play I sold some CD’s and got a couple new ones. I picked up The Marvelous 3’s Hey! Album (which I previously had only on cassette) and Eyes For Telescopes’s Please Survive, an 8-track CD. Please Survive is certainly not as good as the later album, but it’s still solid and has some good songs. Getting both albums I did today without having to spend any actual cash was nice.

After finishing at the music store (which took a while, as there’s just so much good stuff there) we wandered around, went to other stores, ate and eventually came back here for a little while. Then it was off to H.S.C. to look around some more before Wanda had to catch her bus.

It was once again good times.

Oh yes, sometime in there Wanda discovered the divinity of ducks, multiple bikes were dodged, and we found some beautiful, but expensive, wigs.

[ Music: Live – River Town ]

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