Dry and Warm

I’m drying off and warming up now, but not long ago I was soaked to the bone by a rain. Yes, another rather nasty storm is hitting Nova Scotia. The greatest of thanks must go out to global warming.
I headed out around 4:30 and waited a lengthy space of time in the pouring rain. A girl was waiting at the bus stop, sheltered under an umbrella. She let me know that half an hour had passed and no bus had gone by. Eventually one did arrive to carry me down town, but by then I was very damp.
My destination was one of the best music stores in all of Canada, Sam The Record Man. There I picked up a copy of Hawksley Workman‘s Lover/Fighter and a pair of tickets for Wanda and I to see him live at the Marquee next Thursday. I also noticed that Buck 65 is number one on the sales charts for Sam’s, and has been for a month. It’s always nice to see him getting recognition.
I grabbed some food, got soaked again and eventually made it back here. I got out of the wet clothes, pulled on some PJ’s and I’ve settled in for the night. If only you could all see my hair, it’s crazy due to its exposure to the winds and downpours.
I’m really enjoying Hawksley’s album so far. There’s a tastey group of songs on this disc that you all need to experience. “Anger As Beauty” has really grown on my since I first saw the video for it, and the whole album is worthy of a listen or ten, at the very least. I’m looking forward to next Thursday more than ever now.

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