Harmonic Saviours Are Free Of Decay

Tinker with the cogs

Make them run backwards

Let them roll back forests

Crack the concrete with roots

Sow seeds amid the asphalt

Fields of compassion will rise

Drink in the setting sun

Laugh with the true souls bright

Gather under street lights

Entwine your strength in song

Lift voices unique and unified

Become the angels, seek them not

Drink from the cool springs

Love and be loved always

Topple the golden towers

Stand in silver moon valleys

Drift upon the sea waves

Offer hands to the drowning

Float upon the high winds

Tie no thrown rocks to your heels

Step upon the vast sands

Cool them with the oasis inside

Melt the many drifting grains

Reflect the truth upon new glass

Grow from within and without

Shade and be shaded. Care.

Find peace and live beside it

Sketch maps of it upon your life

Leave coins upon the gound

Place them in your pockets

Collect to fill need full

Give with overflowing love

Caress the red, rusted pillars

Sleep beneath them and be safe

Strip away the false perfection-skin

Feel joy and sorrow, but hope

Be one with the blue river alive

Dance its change with open eyes

Remember your past and present

Give the gifts of history and future

Radiate the restfullness of cemeteries

Tend the new life of growing leaves

Whisper every noble passion

Topple houses of fortune-cards

Dance on crumbled sidewalks

Sleep in the highest brances

Taste the body of pure skin

Drink deep of forever-spirit

Dream of harmonic futures

Sing in tears of today’s torture

Stand before corruption’s march

Shed blood in rightousness and live

Learn of the world’s eyes

Listen to the breath of houses

Write your words of whole wisdom

As ashes free your misconception

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