Day of the Moon

Mondays are officially the best days in my weeks. Today was another great day spent hanging out with great people. More of the classic laughter was had, and we added new events into our legacy of ingeniousness.

I met with April and Wanda at Sunnyside Mall and we took a ride on the bus over to Dartmouth, that place across the harbour where I very rarely venture. During the ride I accidentally bit my lip. It started bleeding and then Wanda realized that her own lip was bleeding as well. The catch was that it was in the exact same spot. Yes, we have our first case of stigmata among my disciples. If this is not sign of my divinity, I do not know what is. A running joke arose from this, which encompassed many words preceded by “sympathy”. It was one of the best bus rides in ages.

Our stay in the lesser of the twin cities was uneventful, and we were soon back across the bridge and in the familiar territory of the downtown. We met up with Bryn in one of the Tim Horton’s and then invaded Random Play, as we always do. We stopped a short while and then were on the march for my humble abode.

Here I cooked up some food for Wanda, Bryn and myself. We all sat around talking, eating and watching Nathan play a video game. I snuck out and ripped 4 CD’s that Wanda had brought me for that purpose. Tasmin Archer’s Shipbuilding, Hawksley Workman’s For Him and the Girls and Counting Crows’ Recovering the Satellites and August and Everything After all joined my perfectly ripe grape vine of musical bliss.

The former foursome gained Nathan when we left for H.S.C. around eight-thirty. We had a merry jaunt down the sidewalk and then a rather brief exploration of some stores in the mall. Soon, though, we had to find a bus stop so that Wanda could go home. Not long after that Bryn departed in the opposite direction, from another bus stop.

Nathan, April and I decided it was wise to go to the grocery store to aquire some discounted Halloween candy, like good sugar-junkies. We picked up some necessities and then went to wait for April’s bus. After the waiting Nathan and I returned home, thus ending today’s excitement.

I have discovered that I have a parcel waiting for me at the post office, and I don’t know what it is, or who it may be from. The only things I could come up with are that it’s an old ebay purchase I made 8 months ago, or an ebay item that I requested be sent to Ashley, but somehow was addressed to be sent here. Whatever it is, I will have to walk to the post office and discover tomorrow. The mystery package seems very interesting though.

I haven’t received any real e-mails in many days, so I’d really appreciate it is anyone would like to drop me a line at I need some good reading when I check my mail, so send me some words if you’d like. I’ll most likely write back.

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