Naked Empire

I have been reading Terry Goodkind’s books for somewhere around 7 years now and I have usually enjoyed his work. His most recent novel, Naked Empire was definitely a change in this trend, as I found it to be far more obviously unfounded in many of the points the author seemed to be pushing upon the reader.
The story continued with the characters that I had come to know over the previous seven novels, but their speaches seemed to be increasingly riddled with rhetoric promoting poorly supported ideals. In previous novels Mr. Goodkind has seemed to trust more in the intelligence of his readers, relying on subtle and demonstrative storytelling rather than this new preaching approach. I found it to be a much more rewarding storytelling means, as this new book seemed to be slower paced with no true reason for such a sluggish momentum.
I have come to greatly disagree with Terry Goodkind’s philosophy for a number of reasons. He tends to have a very right-leaning view of the world that I can not reconcille with with my own beliefs and experiences. He espouses capital punishment, a view that violence can be a viable solution to many problems, and that socialism can only be a negative societal tool. In each of his arguements he does not back up his views with any convincing statements, though he is sometimes right in part.
I was disappointed largely by this book, but I can not rightly say it is a terrible book. The characters and plot were still interesting despite their stances on many issues, and Mr. Goodkind has significant skill at telling a story. However, I will most likely be more wary about purchasing his work in the future. I gave him the benefit of the doubt through the last few novels, and I think he has failed to live up to the potential his early novels displayed. I sincerely hope he will return to quality storytelling, and if he does I may return to his works, even though I do disagree with his philosophies.


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