A descriptive Q+A:


[ x ] Wallet – It’s black faux leather and is filled with cards. It happens to have a fade Poe tattoo on it.

[ x ] Room – I’m currently in my parents’ home, in the basement room I called mine during the summer. Its walls have faux-wood pannels and the floor blue-grey tiles. There is a fouton, a rocking chair, a television stand holding a dead television and a whole lot of empty floor space.

[ x ] Coffee cup – I usually alternate, but I think I will start using one of my Jan Blair mugs soon.

[ x ] CD in stereo right now – I have no CD in my stereo right now, but I’m listening to Rockets Burst From The Streetlamps’ “Pale Light” on my computer.

[ x ] What you are wearing now – A new black shirt and new black pants that I received for Christmas.

[ x ] Socks – I’m going barefoot right now.

[ x ] Car – none

[ x ] In my mouth – The taste of a red sucker I just finished.

[ x ] In my head – Plenty of mixed thoughts.

[ x ] Wishing – The Way would come easier.

[ x ] After this – I will read and then sleep.

[ x ] Talking to – Ghosts.

[ x ] Person you wish you could see right now – Ashley

[ x ] Some of your favorite movies – Lord Love A Duck, Lord of the Rings, and Ghostworld

[ x ] Something you’re looking forward to in the upcoming month – Ashley’s visit

[ x ] Something that you are deathly afraid of – Losing the people I love.

[ x ] Do you believe in love – Absolutely

[ x ] Do you believe in soul mates – In a sense I do

[ x ] Do you believe in love at first sight – No, I believe love can only be developed over time

[ x ] What do you want done with your body when you die – It doesn’t matter, I’ll have left it

[ x ] What is the latest you’ve ever stayed up – 2 days with no sleep

[ x ] Ever been to Belgium – I have not yet visited Belgium.

[ x ] Can you eat with chopsticks – Not very well.

[ x ] What’s your favorite coin – Coins that have holes in them so that they can be worn on a string.

[ x ] What is your favorite candy – I have far too many favourites to name here.

[ x ] What’s something that you wish people would understand – compassion

[ x ] What’s something you wish you could understand better – Ways I could improve the lives of others

[ x ] Anyone you miss that you haven’t seen in a long time – Yes, many of my friends

[ x ] What’s one thing you want to make happen for tomorrow – Begin the new project I will soon unveil

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