Dude, Where’s My Country?

Last evening and this afternoon I swept through Michael Moore’s newest book, Dude, Where’s My Country?. It was a brisk, humourous, insightful and wholey enjoyable read that was filled with such satire and intelligent humour that it gave me a greater respect for the man responsible for Bowling For Columbine and Stupid White Men, both of which I highly recommend that everyone see.
While much of what Mr. Moore presented in his book was no surprise to me, as I have tried diligently to follow world events especially when they involve Bush and his dubious friends. However, this was far from a boring or repetetive read for me, becaue of Michael Moore’s unique approach to presenting this information. His humour is as valuable as the tireless fact checking that goes into each book he writes.
Mr. Moore presented many interesting arguements in this book that definitely deserve to be explored by any informed reader. His optimism is something I think is often overlooked. He’s not at all about dividing America, but rather allowing for liberals to reach out to the misinformed and frightened conservatives to inform them. An entire chapter, though sarcastic through and through, is dedicated to winning over conservatives using the selfish language they relate to (How will it help me? Why care about the poor, dying and oppressed?).
There is nothing really groundbreaking in the information presented in this book. I had already read most of it previously. However, it would be of great benefit to the uninformed to give this a read, as it’s light reading filled with humour to keep the heavy subject matter palatable. Even the reader well versed in politics and current events will enjoy this book, because it presents the information we know already in a connected and useful manner. Give this book a read if you have a week’s free time to fill (I finished it easily in a night and an afternoon, so surely a week will be plenty of time).

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