Straying From The Tower

After my daily hunting activities I decided I had the time to walk along a route I had not yet explored. I went to the waterfront and then followed the road past the warehouses, offices and other buildings along the industrial sector. There were many interesting sights along there, including the rusted pipes, damaged buildings, the rail tracks and the pedestrian tunnels (which had poor graffiti). There’s a strange beauty in those places of decay that I find very intreguing.

Mentioning graffiti above lead me to an interesting website. Art Crimes: The Writing on the Wall is a site filled with information on graffiti and photos of some very nice graffiti. A site I’ve seen before, but was directed to again through that site is the home of Kurt Wenner, a master street painter. His works, especially “Concert of Angels” and “Muses“, are absolute proof that street art can be a valid art medium.

Days have been on wings of late. It’s unfortunate that much of what I was expecting by now has not happened yet, but I’ll continue trying as long as I can. Sadly, that may not be much longer so I must also brace for failure, as frightening as that is to me.

Since I last made a journal entry I’ve added some new songs to Radio Frozen Truth. Matthew Sweet, Zach de la Rocha, DJ Shadow, Sandbox, Ellen Reid, Dead Smurf (my roommate) and Alix Olson. They are all great artists that you should support by buying albums and attending concerts. It’ll be worth it, trust me.

Tonight I’m listening to Sandbox, one of the greatest musical acts to come out of Nova Scotia. They produced two nicely diverse albums, Bionic and Murder in the Glee Club, with the second being one of the best albums to come out of Canada in the 90’s. They sadly disbanded after the second album, but you can check out Mike Smith, the lead singer and songwriter of the band, on the international television hit, Trailer Park Boys as the lovable, Plato-quoting character, Bubbles.

Over the weekend I put together a mini disc for meditation purposes. You can read about what I put on it in my Mini Disc Master List post. I’d really like some suggestions as to what I can use to fill the remainder of the disc, so please let me know what you would recommend.

I haven’t been doing much meditation lately, largely because I’ve been focused on other matters too much. I really need to work on adding meditation to each day’s routine to make it truly effective for me. Once I am able to take part in it more often and deeply, I’ll be embarking on some new methods and approaches to determine what will end up working best.

I’ve strayed from the tower and wandered through the wreckage of ancient buildings. The forest has reclaimed the stone, metal and glass as best it could, but much as stayed intact beneath the green canopy. I explored the vacant, crumbled rooms and found little left in them. Filled with a sense of failure, I returned to my tower.

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