Hearing Heartbeats From The Tower

In the days after “Straying From The Tower” I continued my hunt, read and meditated. It was much like days before, so I felt little motivation to write about those days here. Time has sadly been blurring lately, and it feels as though no progress is being made in the job hunt. Hope is not to be lost, though. I’ll be striving to accomplish all I can until I reach an outcome. I hope I’ll not fail.
Saturday afternoon my parents visited me here in the cave. My father wished to help Ilea and I with taxes, so they made the trek into the city and brought along some food for me. We all sat in the living room and worked on filling out all the forms and then drove to the mall and walked around there for a while. It was nice to see my folks again, as it’s been several weeks since they were last able to visit.
After my folks left Nathan and I went for a walk. The air was warmer than it has been recently, so it was a good day for some foot work. After a couple hours of wandering we returned home with a game to play and some food to consume.
Later that night Nathan and I were amused by the antics of an intoxicated Greg stumbling from the kitchen to his room. It took him a noticibly short period of time to gain his giddy state. He’s an entertaining lad.
When we had all awakened this morning I took out the apple cider that my parents had left with us. I heated the wonderful cider, added some cinnamon (which dictionary.com tells me is “the dried aromatic inner bark of certain tropical Asian trees in the genus Cinnamomum, especially C. verum and C. loureirii, often ground and used as a spice.”) and other spices and then served the mixture. It was quite good. It’s been a long while since I last had any cider, since Ashley’s first visit, actually.
This afternoon I sat listening to Melissa Etheridge’s Breakdown. It’s a beautiful album and I enjoy it greatly, but it’s an album I often forget about. It’s a good album for a lonely, lazy Sunday afternoon and has proven to be good company. I must remember to hunt down some of her other albums when I can.
I took a look at a site called Illegal Art this evening. It contains many facinating glimpses at how copyright laws have failed to benefit our culture, and how it helps to limit artistic freedoms. “Righting Copywrongs” was an especially interesting article that helped to highlight the corruption of the copyright system to favour big business. “If current copyright law had been in effect a hundred years ago, the U.S. government might have had to pay royalties to use the image of Uncle Sam, and so would anyone who wanted to depict a jolly red-suited Santa Claus (both were created by the cartoonist Thomas Nast, who died in 1902).” was the line that showed the ridiculousness of current copyright laws best to me. Allowing a copyright to last more than 50 years seems quite harmful to me. It doesn’t benefit the artist who created the work at all once they die, and certainly inhibits artistic expression.
My meditation time has been increasingly rewarding lately. I’ve found myself able to more deeply meditate now that I include sounds. I’ve always found guided meditations to be rewarding, but I now have other sounds. I find that nature sound tracks provide the best sonic environment for rejuvenating meditation.

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