Mixed Tapes

I took out the MP3 CD that I received from CD Baby a few minutes ago and I have it playing now. There’s a surprising amount of enjoyable hip hop and math rock on it that I’ve been absorbing so far. CD Baby is definitely the source for great indie acts, and they put together a dynamic mixed CD.
On the topic of mixes, I want to share the site Tiny Mix Tapes with you. It’s a very nice music site with reviews, interviews and articles that span the music world. You’ll even find a review for Valley of the Giants, my favourite album of the year. The part of this site I think most of you will find entertaining is, however, their Automatic Mix Tape Generator. Themes and sentences are submitted to that page and then mixed tape song lists are created by the people behind the site. Some of the great titles include “I Know We’ve Never Actually Spoken And I Know You Have A Girlfriend, But I Promise You Will Fall In Love With Me As Soon As I Have Her Killed”, “Music For A Drunken Croquet Party Where Shots Are Color Coordinated To Match The Croquet Balls; Needs To Be Slightly Civilized But Debaucherous At Once”, “Songs To Listen To While Wishing You Were Born A Girl”, “I Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & I Count Everything And Divide It By 3” and “Music For Someone Who Wishes They Could See All The Stars At Night From The Middle Of The City”.
My eyes are lined as black as soot, even though I had a full night of sleep. It’s quite odd, but I’m hoping it’ll clear up after tonight when I plan to get a couple hours of extra sleep before going out on the job hunt again. I’m running low on time, sadly.

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