Vanilla Tongues

A line between the blues draws our gazes outward
Gulls and sparse clouds above
The cliffs fall before us, red grains holding tightly
Ocean marks the future

Vanilla on our tongues, we sip our awareness
A warm morning closeness
Echoes midnight coals and a triptych communion
Mugs’ steam dances upward

Beginnings arrive with the surf, blend with the sand
A tide filled with life comes
With it comes erosion, with it comes destruction
The world evolution

Our walls they are secure, we grow community
We grow complete nourishment
Embracing the change we face and flowing with it
We weave compassion threads

Drinking caffeine, the morning and the fresh sunlight
Hope dispells some deep fears
Though we’re ever haunted by the lives awaiting
Conflict and starvation

We build and guard a new story sanctuary
Tasting words kept safest
Amassing relief and rescuing the future
Praying for the distant

We taste vanilla and sugar now constantly
Remembering pleasure
Pleasure in the simple joys, pleasure in real needs
We drink and give free hope

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