Moon’s Voice: Decay (death)

Dark and dead-still is the air
It’s a quiet space with only you
Memories of batterings
Pound within my head, cloud my senses

How do we recover here?
Now that we’ve stepped into deep hiding
Is there a moonlit path open?
Do we crawl or dance back to the world?

Disconnected souls won’t call
We won’t move mountains without voices
Have we failed our cause through death?
Was our softness doomed against the fists?

Cut and bruised, our lives trickle
Into deep living ocean stillness
We’ve pulled away from bodies in pain
Damage so quick and devistating

I feel the threads we carry
Heartbeats give us rhythm, pulsed true news
There’s sad-fading in the songs
Trickle tears together, let us dance

Hope and will we share, with love
Healing may be far out of our reach
But let us stretch and hold on
We cannot lose the woven moon-cord

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