Relocation: Compass Spinning

Tonight I walked to the waterfront to take in the fireworks. They weren’t overly impressive, but it was a ready excuse to go walking at 9. The crowds, however, were impressive. The immovability of people in large groups is rather odd. We somehow lose our ability to navigate orderly when we reach a certain density. I spent at least 10 minutes crossing one small section of the waterfront and marvelled at the impatience some possessed.

I’ve been sliding various albums into my listening palette. While I’ve not had the chance to give them a proper review or recommendation, I still feel compelled to let you know about some of the music I’ve been immersed in. I wouldn’t want you to miss out on inspiration and great art just because I’ve been busy working on mundane things like finding a job so I can eat and pay rent.
Matthew Good‘s White Light Rock & Roll Review is one of the best albums released so far this year. It’s stripped down rock and roll that’s a departure for Mr. Good but also retains his distinct sound. This is as consistent an album as I’ve heard in a long time, with each track superbly written and recorded and placed in just the right order. Matt Good has never disappointed me, delivering increasingly brilliant albums, and this one definitely ups the ante.
I know I’m behind the curve in many areas, and Esthero is one of the projects I’m catching up by listening to. The 1998 album, Breath From Another, is a true masterpiece. When I finally discovered it a couple weeks ago I quickly fell in love and have had it playing most days. It’s musically diverse in the most delicious ways, and vocally it’s stunning. This is an album that grabs you by the head and implants songs that will not leave you alone all day long. You’ll be humming them on the bus.
I’ve listened to Sneaker Pimps for years, but until recently I hadn’t sat down with their first album, Becoming X, as a whole. Kelli Dayton (who has reverted to the name Kelli Ali for her solo work) provides unique and powerful vocals that move the album into dangerous and seductive territory. The album is a musical underworld, steeped in brooding and deep, dark beats. It’s an album for lonely evenings.
There are so many more worthy albums I could give mention to. I’ll make an effort to share some others when I am able to. Sharing art is one of the things I enjoy most. There’s so much reward in trading musical recommendations. Do you have any artist you think I should listen to?

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