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I’m once again in Dean, the place where I’ve spent most of my life. This afternoon I travelled back here, with about half of the things I had at my apartment. I’ll be bringing back the rest, which includes my bed, dresser, record player and a bunch of other items, before the end of the month. It’s less strange to be relocating than I would have expected. I’m quite at peace with it.
Beginning tomorrow I’ll be working quite long days. For two weeks I’ll be working on a blueberry harvester, leaving here before seven and not returning until nine or ten in the evening. It’s likely going to be extremely tiring and monotonous, but I’m quite thankful for the job.
When this job ends I do not know what I will be doing. I’ll have some increased resources, but perhaps not the ability to return to the city I love. I haven’t had much luck finding employment there, sadly, so I would consider relocating somewhere else if my odds would be better, and if the place seems amicable.
I’ve thought a lot lately about where I might relocate. I feel that a new location would offer me the freshness of environment to evolve in ways the somewhat stagnant places I’ve grown up in has not allowed. I’ve long wanted to at least revisit Ottawa or Montreal, so perhaps I should look into what opportunities are available in those cities. Both are more bilingual than Halifax, and the ability to reawaken some of my hibernating French would be very welcome. I know I was quite enchanted by both places when I was last able to visit them.
I would appreciate some of your thoughts on this. I wouldn’t leap into any decision, but I am sincerely looking for a chance to find change of the external sort, and want to do so responsibly and with as much care as I can. Please advise away, dear friends.

Since I last shared my thoughts here in my journal, I did see about an hour of busker entertainment as part of The Halifax International Busker Festival. I went with my sister one afternoon and viewed typical busker acts. It was entertaining, but far too predictable for someone like myself who has seen busking of the sort showcased at this festival for years. I was very pleased, however, to be able to listen to Laliya, the duo I mentioned in my previous entry. They were much more exciting to me in a live setting than on recordings, and added a great flavour to the mostly tired waterfront. Look for them in Toronto (Toronto Buskers Festival) and in Barcelona, Spain (Arts de Carrer) following that.

Have you heard the first K-Os single, “B-boy Stance”, from his new album, Joyful Rebellion? If you have, surely it’s been stuck in your head, buzzing like a mosquito from ear to ear. If you haven’t, be sure to brace for it, because it’s the feel good hit of the late summer. I’ve been listening to some of his songs quite a lot and highly recommend that you check him out. He produces the sort of hip hop that deserves to be heard.

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