Hi hi! Sorry about the delay. But I went through a couple of different books on this one and they all offer pretty much the same things reegarding your dream. I'll break it downin pieces for you:

Jesus: There is no religious significance to him in your dreams, instead, he represents the human experience in life. Conflict, temptations, etc. Where life becomes conscious and not just lived, it means a powerful process in your conscious, expressionof your own potential. It is also a warniong of not taking responsibility to try to achieve your own highest ideals and to overcome your anxieties and just live your life the way you want. All the things you discussed are things you want to work on in some way or another in your life. His hopes and fears are your own.

The coffee part: This represents social rituals…friendship, intimacy, what you thirst for or desire…these relate to your consciousness of life, the things you could have been taling to Jesus about in your dream.

Rain & woman: Depressed feelings and difficulties, specifically with a woman who makes you feel extra sensitive, a woman you care for and has the same type of features as the woman you have in your dreams.

My overall interpretation would be hidden feelings for a woman you desire, who you don't feel good enough about yourself to act upon and you feel hindered. I think it's all about looking at your subconscious and doing what you need to do to make yourself happy.

Of course, I could be wrong, but 4 different books have the specific interpretations I mentioned. I hope this helped some!