Holy Water Rebirth

I’ve spent this weekend in solitude. The quiet and freedom offered in this time alone has done me more good than I would have expected. Aside from dealing with some practical matters, such as parting with many items I no longer wish to have and keeping my space clean, I have brought renewed light into my spirit.
Recently I’ve become acutely aware of the isolation that being in this place forces upon me. In this rural area I have no direct contact with my friends, though I do interact with my parents and sometimes my other relatives. This had allowed a depression to begin to invade my thoughts. I’m not an incredibly outgoing person, but I do very much enjoy the company of true friends when I am able to be with them.
With this on my mind, as well as general frustration with the physical stagnation present in my life, I knew I needed to combat the onset of unworthy thought, though I knew not how to do that exactly. My muse brought the catalyst Friday night, granting me the inspiration to write the first poem I’ve put down in some time. I burned jasmine constantly, filling myself with scents calming and enriching. From those I felt vital again, and was moved to meditate, write and to focus on proactive spirituality in the now.
I felt revitalized and my mind brightened. I feel as though I’ve come through a baptism, my essence still moist with holy water. Everything is brilliant, moon-lit and clearer than ever. In a clean body and mind, my spirit is gliding its wings through all that’s around me, ready to fly into salvation. I’m ready, strengthened and enfused with purpose, to create grand love as I never have before, to embrace the future as the mutable and energy-rich river it is. The world is before me and I’m ready to walk her lands, swim her waters and taste her airs, all gently and full of passion.

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