A Moment By The Brook

I’m in one of the most beautiful spots in Dean right now. Before me is a series of small waterfalls that move horizontally along a mossy stone wall. The cascades fill the air with a soothing sound and my vision with a complex and moving archetecture. I’m reminded why this ismy favourite dirt road sanctuary.
Over a year ago I showed this place to my dear friend Ashley. I remember walking down the tree-covered cliff to get here and then walking hand-in-hand along the rocks lining this brook. It is one of my fondest memories of her last visit. It was a stirring feeling to be showing someone I love a place that brings me great joy. I wish I was able to show more of my dearest friends these places I find inspiration and divinity.
In front of me is a tree that is precariously balanced on the rocky cliff. It is life-filled, yet most of its roots spread out over the rock, not finding nourishment. I find myself comparing the human condition to this, most of us stuck on the cliff of society, searching for the nourishment of love and compassion. We may struggle, but holding on will in time bring us to the full lives we wish.

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