An Early Winter and This Right Here Is Buck 65

Saturday afternoon winter hit Nova Scotia hard and early, blanketing us in snow and leaving the landscape a slushy mess that will persist for at least another day. The storm has left hundreds of thousands of people without electricity and many of those people are upset with with our local electricity utility. It’s certainly a difficult situation for many people in this province. Once again it’s a reminder of the need to prepare for disasters.
It’s sad to see autumn cut short. My favourite season seemed to speed by faster than ever before. I miss the colored leaves, cool (but not cold) days and the atmosphere of harvest. It’s the season of hibernation and I feel more like swimming in the lake, dashing along on my bike or kicking up some leaves in a run. Where’d all that go?

On January 25 Buck 65 will release his first major label album on V2 / Virgin in the US. It’s titled This Right Here Is Buck 65 and collects some new tracks and some of his best from previous albums. Many are rerecorded or previously not available on albums. It’s a great introduction to one of Nova Scotia’s finest exports. You can listen to it in full right here. Enjoy.

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  1. Truly Bucks songs lead the way to everyones sensitive side. I honestly didn't think that “Cries a girl” could be any more beautiful but it seems i was wrong. I hope Buck lives forever, his songs make the world a little easier.

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