Bottled Sense

For the past few days I’ve been drinking bottled sense and blends of fruit juices.

On Wednesday my new laptop arrived at last, bringing with it hours of tweaking and exploring of its new features. I must say that I’m quite content with this machine so far. Having higher resolution and wide screen is a surprisingly pleasant blessing, increasing my ability to multitask primarily. I’m mostly thankful to no longer have to rely on a laptop which was unable to be moved and had a screen that would go black unexpectedly (because of a broken flexiwire).

This week I was pointed toward a webcomic called Dharma The Cat. It’s an uncommonly irreverent, humourous and insightful look at the Buddhist spiritual path. As the site claims, these are “cartoons that blend humour & spirituality — on the rocky path to nirvana with a Buddhist cat, a novice monk and a mouse hell-bent on cheese.
Dharma The Cat offers Eastern Philosophy, Buddhism, Spiritual Development, personal stories, articles and anecdotes about coping with life, and lots of Humour — of the thoughtful kind!” Of the comics, Ep. 50, “The Blank Page,” was especially potent.

Earlier in the week I read Mike Jefferies’ Shadows in the Watchgate. I very much enjoyed his fantasy series, Loremasters of Elundium, but had not read any of his earlier works. This novel was a rather common horror story, but had some unique elements that I found appealing enough to keep me reading. By the end I’d grown to like the book despite some inconsistancies and general sense of being of subpar quality for Mr. Jefferies.

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