Shoes, Reels and Recipes

Today I said goodbye to a pair of dear friends. Those boots, which were with me for so much in the past couple years, had become very worn, riddled with holes. While they still held out the damp and cold of the winter, it was time to part with them before they fell apart, to find some new companions for the coming leagues of my life. I decided on a pair of shoes that are a bit less rugged, but that will do well enough until I can find a match more suited to hiking through the wilderness before me.

I saw two films today, House of Flying Daggers and Million Dollar Baby. House of Flying Daggers was a terrific blend of action, romance and some of the most beautiful cinematography ever put to film. If you liked Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and wished for a story with more emotonal depth, this is your answer. Million Dollar Baby is not just a boxing film, it’s a finely crafted drama that touches on important themes of mentorship, family and loss. The latter third of the film is incredibly moving, a surprisingly authentic struggle. If you can handle a bit of blood you’ll be rewarded with fine acting and moments that will inspire sadness and hope.

Wikipes is a promising new site that presents a community-contributed collection of recipies based on the wiki format, allowing anyone to submit recipes as well as add to and comment upon existing ones. It’s a project I believe could become a resource that a wide range of people would find useful. I’m hoping the non-alcoholic drinks portion will expand soon. Throw some of your own favourites up there.

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