31 Days

One month remains before I’ll begin the third year of keeping a journal at Frozen Truth . com. Several times I’ve made attempts to build a structure to follow when it comes to updating here and have found I’ve lapsed quite often. It can be chalked up to several factors, from being distracted by personal events, to being wrapped up in my love for art or to just not feeling compelled to write anything I’d be comfortable sharing here.

This is about to change. I’m giving myself this one month of the end of year two to restructure my writing habits (and my life accordingly), piece together plans I’ve been developing for a work of speculative fiction and prepare a new version of this website that will steamline my updates and, with luck, engage readers. I’ll leave little room for deviation from this plan but plenty of flexibility within the plan. Ultimately this is about enabling myself to do what I love in a manner I can feel proud of and engaged by. I hope to share my stumbling and success with you over the next month. I’m really quite excited by the prospect of this next stage of evolution.

I’ll leave you with a hint about what I’ll be writing. It’ll be a love story, but I’m hoping an unexpected one. It will be a pre-apocalyptic, socialist romance with some healthy spec elements thrown in. It will include aspects of my aborted efforts such as My Dryad Poems, The Whisper Book Letters , my Musings on Romance and my various poem experiments.

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