I’ve often lamented the death of radio, or at least the death of my interest in radio. There’s so rarely anything new or interesting on the local broadcast radio stations (there’s one rock station that is not completely terrible and a university station that I enjoy sometimes but can’t receive a signal from here) so that fell away as an avenue for discovering new music. I’ve relied on suggestions from friends and what I can find through bursts of curiosity. Today, however, my love for the wonderful service Audioscrobbler lead me to its sister site, a radio site that matches my taste remarkably well.
Last.FM is listener-driven radio that integrates with an Audioscrobbler profile (if you have one, which you should) or works on its own to provide you with music that you’ll like by analyzing what you listen to and what similar people choose. It also allows for some bare bones social networking and lets you keep up with what your friends are listening to. For instance, I know my friend Nathan just played Hope Of The States‘ “Sadness On My Back.” is connecting people through music, and not just showering people with music. Your profile is your key to this new world of online music, in which you and your fellow users are in charge of what is on air.
The enormous collection of music on the internet calls for a new kind of online radio. A radio that connects you straight with the right music without having to do mind-numbing searches and scrolling endless playlists. There is already enough knowledge out there to play you the right music everytime, we just need to bring people together to share that knowledge.
Mega star or an unsigned band, on every song gets the same starting point. You, the listeners, decide what’s great music and what’s rubbish. So you all together are building the program, for yourself and for each other. Have fun sharing and get connected to people who like music you like too.

I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Last.FM and some of the new tunes it’s brought to my attention (Zero 7 is one project I like a couple songs from). If you want to give radio one last chance to save your soul then go listen.

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