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It’s not often that I buy new clothes. In fact, other than some dress clothes for work, I’ve only bought a couple cheap shirts in the past two years. I still wear many of the jeans and shirts I wore during my high school days. I keep with a basic style and look that has always served me well, so I don’t need to waste money on clothes, just when what I have wears out.
A week or so ago, when my dresser broke, I cleaned out a lot of clothes I don’t and couldn’t wear anymore, essentially cutting my wardrobe to 1/3 the size it was before. I’m happy with the change, in part because it moves me further along with my project of minimizing my possessions (I have a wish to eventually have everything I own fit into a space smaller than the trunk of a car). This has left me with some room to experiment with some new clothes, so I ordered some new webs tonight.
I’ve heard good things about Thai fisherman’s pants, so I decided to order three pairs today. I’m told they are incredibly comfortable and are excellent for activities such as yoga and martial arts. I found some good deals on the pants, paying around $10 for each. I’m looking forward to their arrival in the next couple weeks.  I also ended up getting a new shirt that should fill out my selection of winter clothes nicely. 
I’ll most likely be starting a yoga practice soon and may also try a martial art as well, so that’s something I want to consider for my leisure clothes. The spa located at this hotel will soon be offering yoga classes in its studio, and I’m hoping to start taking part after Christmas, assuming I can have my schedule adjusted slightly to accomodate the Tuesday evening introductory classes (or if there’s another intro class on a day better suited to me). The prices seem reasonable and it would be convenient to do the classes before or after work (there is a Saturday morning session that would follow one of my night shifts). I’ve been reading about yoga practices for the past couple weeks and I’m convinced I would benefit from them greatly.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the people I’ve been blessed to have in my life lately, from those I’ve lost some degree of closeness with to those who have been constant friends for years. I’m truly thankful for each of those people, if sad to have grown apart from some.
More and more I’m hoping to somehow connect with a community of people who are working on similar evolutions as myself and who share some of my interests in things such as Integral, spiritual practices and art. Even though I have some wonderful friends, I feel I lack a sangha, a truly engaged community. I’ve long wondered how to cultivate this, but haven’t found an answer that has satisfied me. Oh how I’d love to be in touch with some integral people nearby.

Taylor of GTMcKnight, one of the friends of Shiny Plastic Bag, recently pointed to a very well composed list of “What The Blogsphere Wants More Of.” I was quite impressed by the depth of the list, especially the inclusion of “constructive criticism, reaction, feedback” in what blog writers like to see, an aspect of online journal keeping and blogging that I find is most often absent. I know I’m guilty of not commenting as often as I should, and I know it’s an easy habit to fall into, but it definitely adds to the experience when we make blogging an interactive and engaging activity.

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