Headphones and a Long Walk…

…Are Sometimes Prerequisites for Love

It’s true, sometimes headphones can make an album come alive in a unique way. Taking it along for a long walk helps fall in love with an album too. That was the case for CruxshadowsEthernaut. I enjoyed the album a great deal when Susana introduced me to the band some months ago, but I hadn’t really fallen in love with it until this past week when I loaded it onto my Muvo and brought it along on a walk I took. I’ve had it spinning often ever since, and have been thoroughly enchanted.

I’m very excited to hear Stuart Davis‘ forthcoming new album. Word has it that the album will be quite a departure for Stuart, but the first song to surface, “Good Weird”, is absolutely wicked and is just about a perfect anthem for one of the greatest performers we’re graced with. Check out the new video for “Good Weird” here.

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