I’m drinking some Jones Soda Co. cream soda from a wine glass ’cause I’m full of class and romantic. I discovered, while getting some groceries this morning, the my local grocery store is now carrying the finest soda on the planet, so I bought three bottles of some of my favourite flavours. Green apple, creme soda and root beer are irresistable. Jones Soda is a very hip company, producing stylish bottles that feature submitted photos and coming out with some very inventive flavours and side product lines. One of their more interesting products is the new Carbonated Candy line.

Here at Jones Soda, we decided that we just don’t give our consumers enough ways to experience our delicious flavors. With the new Jones Soda Flavor Booster Candy, you can pop it in your mouth and let it fizz, or add some to a bottle of water to give it an intense Jones flavor!

I’m running on far too little sleep for the start of a 14 hour shift, but I’ll survive well enough, I’m sure. I’ve been working alone for the past two nights, and it’s been a mixed time. I’m busier than I would otherwise be, doing the work 2-3 people normally would, but I’d had time to do some reading. I can’t say it feels especially festive tonight, just overly warm and quiet.

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