My Favourite Word is Concupiscent

I’m back from the dialup-plagued Dean. That’s the only negative aspect of being out there; I spent half an hour checking my e-mail alone. I do feel a bit sad to be away from the trees and stars, but I do love being here in Halifax.

When I came back my parents took me to a book store to use a gift card they’d given me for Christmas. I ended up buying Ken Wilber’s A Theory of Everything : An Integral Vision for Business, Politics, Science and Spirituality. Yeah, I’m hooked on all things intregral. I think this book, at 140 pages, will make for a good introduction to integral to all those I want to get into it. It’s essentially a primer on integral theory, which is important considering the massiveness of his more comprehensive works. Now I have three of his books to tackle in the new year.
I spent a couple hours folding all my new Christmas goods into my apartment, from hanging the beautiful windchime Ilea gave me to filling the very classy low dresser. I really did get a lot more than I anticipated. My cupboards are now filled with food, with tea taking up a good portion of thar. I’ll have to document each flavour for those of you who are tea fanatics. If you’d like to see some of the gifts I received, you can find photos here.
When I arrived at work tonight I had a very pleasant surprise in my new schedule. It’s worked out that I will have from the morning of the 30th to the evening of the 4th off. I’ll have nearly 6 days off for the new year, and I have absolutely no plans. I’m told there may be a “fancy drinks” party by Nathan, but I have some other days to fill with excitement. I’m desperate here, so someone drag me off somewhere.
I love sharing the music that moves me most, so I was happy to read that Ashley recently got my favourite album of the year, Stars’ Set Yourself on Fire, and fell in love with it. I recently was pointed to an interesting remix of “Ageless Beauty” done by Most Serene Republic, another band worth listening to from Arts & Crafts. You can find “Ageless Beauty (Most Serene Republic remix)” on Said the Gramophone‘s 2005’s Best Music list for download.


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