Consuming Local Beauty

Last night I read the two issues of Brian Wood‘s brilliant new comic Local that I picked up this week. It’s a fantastic series of one shot issues that are each set in a different location and chronicling a piece of life in that place. Each story is linked by the character Megan McKeenan, jumping about a year ahead in her life each issue, though she won’t always be the main character. I’ve been moved by the beautiful art Ryan Kelly has done and I’m enjoying Brian’s story very much. This is on the same level of excellence as Brian’s other standalone 12-issue series, Demo, a series I absolutely love, if not pushing higher.
After reading the comics I headed over to the Local blog and looked around until I saw something that almost literally floored me. I scrolled down and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that the fifth issue of the series, “The Last Lonely Days at the Oxford Theater,” is set here in Halifax, the city I love so much.

After the traumatic events Megan survived in the last story, we next find her as the sole employee at a run-down arthouse movie theatre tucked way up north in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lost in her own head, she joins the small but loyal crowd of patrons that gather each night for the second-run films, learning that the stories of the moviegoers themselves can, more often than not, rival what’s up on the big screen.

The Oxford is a landmark of great significance for many of us Haligonians, and I can only imagine how great it will be to see the rest of Halifax rendered with the care and attention to detail that went into the first two issues. If my math is right, the story should be set in 1999-2000, a couple years before I moved here, so I imagine it will conjure some memories.

Yesterday I was walking around the downtown of this very city. It was amusing to see how my friends all collected together that afternoon. First I contacted my sister Ilea and arranged to meet up at Scotia Square so that I could give her back the laptop I’d fixed for her and then go get her a new keyboard for it. Then Allison called and said she would meet me there and that Nathan would soon be along. We spent the afternoon hanging out and walking around, with me looking at various places for items to send south. I did get a little selfish and buy some Jones Soda and chocolate covered coffee beans. It’s good to treat oneself now and then, right?
Allison let us know that she has plans for a silent, stop motion film staring members of our crew. Nathan will apparantly be a pirot, Chris a giant and myself a dashing pilot. It sounds like it has the makings of something truly grand. In other zany creative news, Andrew and Nathan have begun rerecording the song “Cheese Pizza,” which I co-wrote. I’ve convinced them to add a chorus line, which I’ll happily contribute to.

I discovered All Consuming a couple months ago, but yesterday morning I finally started using it. All Consuming is a website that allows us to record the media and other things we consume and share it all with our friends and other folks on the web. I’ve been adding various albums, books and films I’ve enjoyed and have incorportated it into my website‘s sidebar. I think it’s a great way to keep track of all these varied things I enjoy and I’m hoping to use it as a library hunting tool this winter. If you are ever curious about the sort of stimuli I’m bombarding myself with, you are welcome to view my profile.

Oh, i forgot to mention that I was included in Mark’s “Another Year of Stupid.”

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