The Grand Burlesque

I’m working my last shift before I get to vote in the 39th federal election of Canada. You all know I’m concerned about the Cons gaining power, so tomorrow will be one spent on edge. So, if Canada becomes a conservative wasteland, where should I flee to? I hear Iceland is nice.

On to pleasant things. Very pleasant things indeed. Emilie Autumn released a new EP for presale today, Opheliac. I’ve been a fan for a few years now and am very much looking forward to her next album, which is rumored to be in the limbo of label negotiations. Emilie’s music is a bit hard to pin down, but she’s taken to calling it Victoriandustrial, so take that as an indicator. It’s weird, beautiful and good, which is all you really need to know. Now go give it a listen.

I’ve also been listening to some tracks from Snow Machine, Jale’s Dream Cake and the leaked Placebo album Meds this week. Snow Machine makes poppy, deep, sad music, from what I can tell, but I like it quite a lot. Jale was a short-lived local band that I’d never listened much to, but I’ve taken a liking to Dream Cake after coming across it at the library recently. Meds may very well be the best offering from Placebo to date, and I say this as someone who has enjoyed the band tremendously for years.

My beloved Marquee Club will be holding burlesque nights on Thursdays under the name Teasers for the next three weeks. I haven’t ever been to a burlesque show, but I’m thinking it might be fun. I’m hoping one or more of you will be interested in coming along. Let me know. At $6, I think it’d be an inexpensive and fun night.

The Trews will also be at the Marquee this weekend. I’m hoping to go to that as well. Some of my dear friends need to contact me about joining me for that.

And friends, don’t forget to vote tomorrow. Unless you plan to vote for the Cons; in that case you should report for moral retraining.

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